ATHOS Wooden Doors & Windows

Since 1951, we produce wooden windows and doors for customers in Greece and abroad. In Ierissos Halkidiki, Greece, we produce wooden windows and wooden doors with emphasis on durability and functionality.

Wooden windows

More durable. More functional. More green.

Wooden windows of genuine German technology and Greek construction.
With improved mechanical properties and longer life. Custom-made.


Quality in wooden doors and windows

ATHOS doors and windows excel for their aesthetics and mechanical properties.
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Why choose ATHOS wooden doors and windows?

Make the right choice. By objective criteria.

Company profile

Greek production since 1951. German cutting-edge technology.

ATHOS Wooden Doors & Windows Company is the first and the biggest company that produces wooden doors and windows in Greece. Its activity started in 1951.

All our products are governed by the same consistent principles of quality of production and aesthetic excellence. Special processing, cutting-edge technology, selected materials and rigorous European certifications consist the guarantee of excellent behavior in climatic variations, wear resistance and high thermal and sound insulation indices.

Ο Θεοφάνης Κολυμπάς, ο ιδρυτής της εταιρίας μας, εργάζεται χειρωνακτικά στο εργοστάσιο, την δεκαετία του '90.
Theofanis Kolympas, Founder

Certified wooden windows and doors

CE - Πιστοποίηση - Ξύλινα Κουφώματα ATHOS

European Conformity

PEFC FSC - Πιστοποίηση - Ξύλινα Κουφώματα ATHOS

Sustainable timber

"Ξύλινο Κούφωμα" - Πιστοποίηση - Ξύλινα Κουφώματα ATHOS

Manufacturers' association (GR)

German manufacturing technology

Authentic product design. Modern production equipment.

We are one of the first companies in Greece to incorporate German technology into wooden doors and windows. German-technology is characterized by a profile, which gives it greater durability, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

In addition to profile, factors that help in the excellent manufacture of German-technology fenestration are software, machinery and style. Design and production software was developed in Germany by Prologic. Furthermore, our main machinery was made by WEINIG and the knives by Leitz, the leading companies in their field.

Συγκρότημα κτιρίων με ξύλινα κουφώματα φτιαγμένα από την εταιρία "Ξύλινα Κουφώματα ATHOS"

Wooden fenestration samples

Check out some photos of projects that we have undertaken.

Wooden windows

Δίφυλλο ξύλινο παράθυρο με σιδεριά και ραμποτέ παντζούρι φτιαγμένο από την εταιρία «Ξύλινα Κουφώματα ATHOS»

Wooden doors

Δίφυλλη εξωτερική πόρτα με καμαρωτή κάσα φτιαγμένη από την εταιρία «Ξύλινα Κουφώματα ATHOS»


Πετρόχτιστη βίλα στο Πήλιο με ξύλινα κουφώματα φτιαγμένα από την εταιρία «Ξύλινα Κουφώματα ATHOS»

Wooden doors and windows as products

Excellent mechanical properties. Unusual strengths.
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