A fully equipped wood processing industry in Ierissos, Halkidiki, Greece

With more than 150 machines and additional hand equipment, the production unit of Athos is ready to complete demanding projects for its customers.

European standards and cutting-edge technology in Greece

Privately owned production facilities based in Ierissos, Halkidiki, Greece

The production process of ATHOS products takes place in the facilities of the companies THEOFANIS KOLYMPAS & SONS SA and I KOLYMPAS & CO. PV. The factory covers more than 8,000 square meters. You can find us in the Industrial Area of Ierissos, Halkidiki, Greece.

The heart of our production is based on the two Weinig Unicontrol 10

The German Weinig Unicontrol 10 is one of the most modern machines in Europe. This is where the frame of the window is made.

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From cost estimation to manufacturing, ProLogic software takes over

The design and manufacturing of wooden doors and windows are very demanding processes, during which errors and imperfections can occur. That's why Athos has obtained the software suite of the German ProLogic, which is perhaps the complete solution in the world. The software manages the clients, designs, costs, and products while communicating with the production machines to produce the final product.

In this way, Athos ensures the organized and coordinated production of its products without production errors, delays, and damage to the project.

Our factory does not delay your valuable projects

Our production unit has an autonomous backup power supply system and a backup satellite telecommunications system. As a result, the production line is not vulnerable to external factors that could stop it.