Wooden doors and balcony doors

Wooden doors and balcony doors of top durability, security and thermal insulation. With unlimited personalization options for special constructions.

Athos offers high-quality wooden doors and balcony doors. All products are accompanied by European certificates and ensure maximum thermal insulation, sound insulation, and security in your building. All made of the best materials in our state-of-the-art factory. Durability and functionality distinguish the wooden doors of Athos.

Ξύλινα κουφώματα - Exoteriki toxoti difylli porta me tzami kai tamplades

Do you want to see wooden doors and balcony doors in pictures?

Fully functional profile of German technology for wooden doors and balcony doors

Athos wooden doors and balcony doors were designed in collaboration with the world's leading German Leitz. This ensures quality construction and maximum aesthetics.

Light 46mm Profile

The 46mm wooden door profile is the choice for preservable buildings, but also cheaper projects. Doors with a 46mm profile are just as functional as the others but less heat-insulating.

Basic choice, regardless of the size of the project

Optima 68mm Profile

Wooden doors with a 68mm profile are the most common choice. It tends to be our main recommendation, due to the better value for money and better aesthetics along with the 68mm windows.

Plus 78mm Profile

For something more on wooden doors and balcony doors, choose the 78mm profile. It is a more expensive option, but it is worth it in the long run.

Pro Thermo 92mm Profile

The choice of maximum aesthetics, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and personalization is the 92mm profile for wooden doors and balcony doors. It is the luxury choice in Athos frames.

Athos recommendations for the profile of wooden doors

The profile of the wooden door or balcony door is crucial in its energy efficiency. However, it is reasonable that the thicker it is, the more it costs. For this reason, Athos suggests using the 68mm profile for most customers. The 46mm profile is the most economical, but it limits the options for the rest of the window. The 78mm profile is a better solution for customers looking to recoup their extra costs by reducing building losses. While finally, the 92mm profile is recommended for buildings in areas with severe weather, as they reduce thermal conductivity and outdoor sound.

Fixed profile height for wooden doors

Although the profile thickness is variable to 46mm, 68mm, 78mm, or 92mm, the profile height remains fixed at 78mm. The following profiles are therefore obtained:

  1. 46mm x 78mm,
  2. 68mm x 78mm,
  3. 78mm x 78mm, and
  4. 92mm x 78mm.

Top design and genuine origin

Athos designed its window profile in collaboration with Leitz, which is the leading German company in the design and production of tools used to apply the profile to wooden doors and windows.

Wooden doors of all kinds and needs

We provide a wide range of options for the manufacturing of wooden doors and balcony doors, while we offer the option for custom orders.

Traditional style opening wooden front doors

The Athos opening wooden doors are found in thousands of buildings and give the first impression of quality building construction. Traditional front doors can combine panels and glazing with infinite designs and patterns. If necessary, Athos can also fit ironmongery to the glazing in any shape. The client specifies handles and other features, while Athos recommends a few options that have looked beautiful in previous projects.

 exterior double leaf door with glazing and panels in Pelion
 external door with special glazing

Arched wooden front doors

Arched timber exterior doors are a great chapter in Athos' expertise. When it's financially possible, there's no better idea than a custom-built arched front door to grace your building. Arched doors can have fixed glazing and skylights around the perimeter with each structure. The inner frame of the movable leaves can be rectangular or follow the geometry of the outer frame.

Custom made wooden doors

Due to our great experience and our modern equipment, we can design and manufacture doors of special specifications. In other words, we can produce "difficult" doors for our customers. In the photo you can see a wooden door with a three-dimensional arched frame, curved quays and panels with religious motifs.

 arched door with three-dimensional frame and details on the glazing beads
 wooden interior door with ventilation skylight

Wooden interior doors

Athos manufactures wooden interior doors for the projects in which its wooden front doors and wooden windows are installed. This contributes to the similarity of the exterior and interior windows. The interior doors can be solid, semi-solid or pressed. Again, there is a great deal of personalization possible, as in the photo where there is a skylight.

Wooden doors made of first-class wood that come from all over the world

Athos doors are produced from dried timber of high quality and first selection. At least five types from all over the world are used.

American Oak

American Oak

American Oak doors combine durability and aesthetics. It is the right choice in the construction of quality doors. The king of wood types!

African Iroko

African Iroko

African Iroko timber is harder. For this reason, iroko doors tend to withstand environmental exposure.

Malaysian Meranti

Malaysian Meranti

Malaysian Meranti timber is the mainstream choice. This is because of the excellent quality/price ratio, especially for doors with opaque paint that does not show the wood grain.

Swedish Pine

Swedish Pine

Swedish pine is cheap timber with which we produce wooden frames. However, pine loses in the battle of quality to other varieties.

Ελληνική καστανιάς

Greek Chestnut

Greek chestnut is usually the choice for traditional architecture cases. Thus, it is rarely chosen and only by some customers.

Athos' recommendations for making timber

For the best quality, and for doors with translucent coatings, we recommend Oak timber, the king of wood wood types! However, the main choice is Meranti timber, which we recommend for doors in RAL colour. For increased moisture resistance, we recommend Iroko timber, while for lower cost we recommend Pine timber. Finally, we recommend Chestnut timber for special architectural needs.

First-grade timber

Athos only sources first-grade timber. For example, the selected category for American Oak timber is FAS. This means that it is not only the best quality but also the best grade.

Sustainable forest management

Athos uses timber from sustainably managed forests. This means that the woods are not damaged but sustained. One example is the fact that more trees are planted than are cut down.

Infinite kinds of timber

Due to the high range of customization of Athos' products, you can choose more timber types than mentioned above. Wood that is occasionally needed is Niagon.

Varnishes and paints for wooden doors from the leading brands of Europe

Athos applies painting systems recommended by some of the best paint brands in Europe.

Sayelack HydroGold

A top quality paint system for wooden doors, for which the Italian manufacturer states that it lasts up to 18 years. It is water-based and therefore environmentally friendly.

ICA Arborea

ICA Arborea paint systems are water-based and are an excellent choice for most of our projects. Their correct application tends to determine the final finish.


ICA Bio are modern and organic coatings produced in an extremely ecological way, even from tree leaves. However, Athos does not yet have sufficient data on their durability.

Water and oil or solvent-based coatings and lacquers

Since each project is different from the others, and needs vary, Athos uses solvent varnishes in limited cases. Oil varnishes, while offering noticeably better coverage and appearance, are less environmentally friendly.

Athos' recommendations for varnishes and lacquers for wooden doors and balcony doors

The choice of paint system should be based on the needs of the project and the selected timber. For best results, with less need for maintenance, choose Sayerlack HydroGold. For the best value for money with excellent quality, choose the basic ICA option. For greener construction, select ICA Bio. Before you settle on a choice, we will advise you on the best option, depending on your timber type and aesthetic.

Application of particular coating system for each timber

Every timber is different and needs different coatings. For example, pine wood contains resin, which should be treated with special coatings to prevent it from tearing. For this reason, Athos strictly follows the instructions of each varnish house's chemicals to offer quality and durable products.

Excellent resistance to moisture, sun and microorganisms

The best European companies create the paint and coatings systems used by Athos to resist solar radiation, humidity, and microorganisms. Consequently, Athos products are protected and ready to face the challenges!

Wooden doors with hardware of the best brands

The outline mechanism systems of each window contribute to the functionality, durability, and safety of each window

Hardware for entrance doors

At the main entrances, the locks are one-point security locks of the Italian brand AGB, while the hinges are of ANUBA type by the same brand. There is the option of three-point locks (top-middle-bottom).

Hardware for interior doors

At the main entrances, the locks are one-point security locks of the Italian brand AGB, while the hinges are of ANUBA type by the same brand.

Hardware for tilt and turn balcony doors

In the wooden balcony doors that are tilt and turn, Athos uses in the leaves German hardware of the brand Siegenia or the German brand Roto.

Hardware for opening balcony doors

In the wooden balcony doors that are only opening, Athos uses in the leaves German shash components of the brand Siegenia and hinges type ANUBA Italy of the brand AGB. Also available are the hardware of the German brand Roto.

Hardware for wooden shutters

When the wooden shutters are made of Meranti, Oak, Iroko or similar quality wood, Athos uses German hardware Siegenia For the wooden shutters that are made of Pine, Chestnut, or similar quality, Athos uses hardware made in Greece.

Handles for wooden balcony doors

In the wooden balcony doors, Athos uses handles of the leading German brand HOPPE.

Energy glazing for maximum thermal insulation in wooden doors

The glazing of wooden doors plays a crucial role in the thermal and sound insulation of the building. For this reason, Athos uses up to double and triple energy glazing.

double glazing energy

Double energy glazing

They consist of two panes of glass and a gap to maximize thermal insulation. Double glazing is the basic and safe solution for wooden windows. This is because they combine perfectly with the most thermally insulating door construction material, which is wood. Double energy glazing offers the best value for money.

triple glazing energy

Triple energy glazing

Triple glazing is the highest quality choice, as it offers maximum thermal insulation. They consist of three panes of glass with two gas gaps for energy improvement. They are the best choice for high specification buildings or for buildings in areas with severe weather conditions. Although they cost more, they save energy and money in the long run.

Silicates and gas

Athos glazing has a 4-15-5mm form. More, glazing still has a brown aluminum outline gap to avoid contrasting with the color of the wood. Otherwise, it would have the silver color of aluminum. In addition, the glazing internally is silicon minerals to prevent any moisture.

Athos recommendations for the glazing of wooden doors

In all windows, of all materials, the glazing significantly determines energy efficiency. That is, the glazing is always a better insulator than the frame and the casing. For this reason, it is worth being double and energy-efficient. At an extra cost, it's also worth being triple glazed. Non-energy glazing is not recommended by Athos, except in cases of narrow frames (46mm) and other special architectural needs.

Double glazing

Double plain glazing

Double glazing is a common choice in Greece as it is a balanced solution, taking into account the lower price and the essential thermal insulation.

Single glazing

Single plain glazing

Single glazing is a choice of the past and is not recommended in new projects. They are the best choice when manufacturing traditional 46mm narrow timber doors.

The glazing of the windows have CE Certificate

As with all components used in Athos' timber windows and doors, the glazing has the European CE Certificate. At the customer's request, Athos can provide it so that the customer can be informed of the glazing performance.

More glazing options, depending on the needs of the project

When the project's needs require special glazing, Athos is ready to install it. Instances where Athos installs special glazing in its wooden doors, are Church and Monastery projects.

secure glass

Breakage protection

In some buildings where more safety is needed, such as homes with young children, the windows may have breakage protection to prevent injury in the event of breakage. This means that the glass will automatically become thousands of small pieces, which are not as dangerous to injure someone.