Resellers of Athos fenestration

Your potential job as a dealer or reseller at ATHOS Wooden Fenestration has many benefits.

  • First, you can work part-time and even with flexible hours that you configure.
  • Second, you can work in the place where you live, in the country or abroad.
  • Third, you can enjoy fantastic rewards that are commensurate with your overall performance.
  • Fourth, you enter the field of construction with the strength of ATHOS and the guarantee of the Kolymbas family.
  • Fifth, you become a member of the global network of resellers of ATHOS Wooden Fenestration and make business trips worldwide.

We hope you understand that your job as a reseller or dealer at ATHOS Wooden Fenestration can be lucrative and exciting.

A few words about Athos

ATHOS® Wooden Fenestration is the largest industry in manufacturing wooden doors and windows in Greece. It is also the first since its activity began in 1951. To date, it has exported wooden doors and windows to many countries worldwide. The company is active in the manufacture and selling of wooden doors, windows, shutters, and all types of specialized wooden structures.


The first step for our cooperation

The first step you need to take to become one of our dealers or resellers is to contact us. Simply, send us an email to Emphasize the reasons why you are interested in becoming our dealer or reseller. Also, state the reasons why you consider yourself capable of this position. Finally, add the area where you can effectively cover the thoughts you have about your potential job. We will be happy to work with you!