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When you want to decide which frames are the most suitable, Athos provides you with consulting services. Get an idea below.

The intelligent choice has value but no sacrifice!

Why choose wooden frames?

The wooden frames are characterized by the aesthetics they provide.

The main advantage of wooden frames is the aesthetic superiority they provide in your space. The wooden frames give warmth, value, and luxury to the building in which they are installed. From an architectural point of view, they give character to the facilities. Wooden frames bring nature to your home, making you feel more beautiful. Finally, wooden frames have been shown to reduce people's stress.

Wooden frames save cooling and heating energy.

Wooden frames save money on heating and cooling costs. Since wooden frames show high thermal insulation indices, the energy losses of your space are significantly reduced. The result is to amortize the difference in the price of wooden products from products of other materials in the medium term. After the amortization is over, you are left with the "reduced bills"! Therefore, by choosing wooden frames, you save energy and money.

Today's German-technology wooden doors and windows are not similar to the old Greek type.

Unfortunately, today's German-technology wooden doors and windows are confused in the minds of potential customers with the frames of the old Greek type. The structures of the past bear almost no similarity to the present. Today's 68mm thick three-ply timber windows offer unique mechanical properties. In simple words, modern German-technology wooden doors and windows are not similar to the old Greek type.

When you renovate, the wooden frames are repainted and not replaced.

Within about 60 years of a wooden window, you will probably want to renovate your space. Frames of other materials would have to be replaced to fit the space. But wooden frames need sanding and painting. Wooden structures, therefore, save you a lot of money every time new air is given to your space.

Why should I prefer wood as a material?

Wood is superior to its substitute materials.

Wood is the appropriate material for the construction of frames for wooden doors and windows. Wooden frames are aesthetically superior compared to frames of other materials (aluminum and PVC). Also, wood has excellent indicators of thermal and sound insulation. Wooden frames are the ecological choice and, in the medium term, save money on the cooling and heating bills of your space. Wood gives the window a longer life than other making materials. That is why wooden frames are the best and wisest choice of frames. Wood as a material is exceptionally thermal and sound insulating.
Wood as a material is highly thermal and sound insulating.

Wood as a material is highly thermal and sound insulating.

Wood has been the foremost natural thermal insulation material for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that the handles of hot objects were wooden. Wood is about 1400 times more thermally insulating than pure aluminum. This way, it guarantees the lowest losses, maintains the temperature of your space more efficiently, and saves money. The wood is also very soundproof. Its porous structure traps sound resulting in significantly reduced ambient noise. That is why, with wooden frames, noise is now a minor problem in your life! For a quieter space, choose wooden frames.

Wood is the ecological material for the construction of windows.

Wood is the ecological choice in the window market. Timber accumulates carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and does not cause problems in the environment. According to global forest management standards, when a tree is cut down, one or more trees are planted in its place. Aluminum production pollutes the environment, consumes enormous amounts of energy, and contributes to global warming. On the other hand, PVC causes similar problems. At the same time, it releases carcinogens during its production and its use. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself and the planet, choose wooden frames.

Why go with ATHOS?

ATHOS wooden doors and windows excel.

ATHOS Fenestration is the most suitable choice in the market of wooden doors and windows. For the trust you show us, we try to keep the lowest possible prices for our products. However, we do not fall into the trap of cheap construction. With experience since 1951, we manufacture quality products, even for the most demanding customers. Besides, we install them with our specialized crew all over the world. In other words, we offer our customers the best value for money.

ATHOS doors and windows are manufactured with emphasis on quality.

In our company, we produce quality wooden frames with emphasis on detail. With experience from 1951, we know well the art of wood, and we are constantly updating. We are continually investing in new technologically advanced equipment and choosing the best materials. Besides, we invest in the human capital of our company, through continuous training and recruitment. As a result, we offer you superior wooden doors and windows.

Our wooden products need maintenance less often due to quality excellence.

ATHOS wooden doors and windows are made to last longer than others. Our paints and know-how, the first-quality timber and the strict certifications, the technological equipment, and passion give our products superior mechanical properties. Hence the need for less frequent maintenance.

We do not want to hide from you that all wooden frames need maintenance. However, we must emphasize that maintenance is not a costly and time-consuming process.

ATHOS Wooden Fenestration provide high-quality customer service.

At ATHOS, we are happy to serve you and answer every question. We know that you are looking for partners you can count on. That is why we stand by you and seek to find solutions to any problem that may arise. In other words, we want to provide comprehensive services to all of you that you have trusted us for so many decades.

The specialized crew of our company installs your doors and windows correctly.

The installation by our crew contributes to the proper operation of the products we manufacture. The team that undertakes to install doors and windows must adequately install them. Only if they are installed correctly, their permissible operations are ensured, and their lifespan is significantly increased. The installation of windows and doors must be done by experienced and specialized companies, like ours.

ATHOS wooden doors and windows are produced with state-of-the-art technology equipment.

We are one of the largest and most developed manufacturers in the Balkans. Our factory has more than 150 machines, the main ones being Weinig and scm. More, we are continually investing in new technologies. A reference point is the Leitz wood-processing tools that offer our products all the benefits of authentic German technology. Therefore, each of our products is a piece of Greek production and genuine German technology.

We provide a guarantee for our wooden doors and windows without fine print.

The guarantee with which the products of our company are accompanied does not have fine print. Depending on your order, we provide a multi-year warranty. Thus, you feel and are safe in any possibility of error or imperfection.