Shorten your project with immediate installation of your windows and doors

Install the windows and doors of your building up to 4 months in advance, avoiding unwanted delays in your project.
At the same time, reduce the cost of your frames by installing wooden frames with the same dimensions.
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Reduction of the construction time of the building


Athos tools that help you reduce construction time and costs

Placement of temporary frame in the masonry

With the use of temporary frame, the production of windows and doors is carried out while the construction of the masonry is completed.

In this way, there is no need to measure the dimensions of the openings after the masonry is completed.

The result is that you don't have to wait months for the production of your windows and doors, but only a few days for installation.

Similar designs and dimensions of windows and doors

When there are no temporary frames, the openings of the building may differ a few centimetres from the designed ones.

If temporary frames are used, the openings will have secured dimensions and the same windows and doors will have the same dimensions.

This helps so that there is uniformity in the project and Athos can provide a better cost estimation.

What is temporary frame?

The temporary frame is a very simple and cheap light wood crate that defines the opening of the building where a window or a door will be inserted. Usually, it is a rectangular crate made of four boards of wood. You can source it by Athos or make it yourself at the building site. If you make it yourself, you have to be very careful about the final dimensions.


Step 1 - Project design

Try to use frames with a similar design and the same dimensions. For example, choose all two-sash windows to have dimensions of 128x125cm.

Step 2 - Contract the production of the windows and doors

Ask for a cost estimation for the windows and doors before the masonry construction. Athos will send you the temporary frames as soon as possible and start the production of your windows and doors.

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Step 3 - Request the installation of the windows and doors

Until the masonry is completed, Athos will store your windows and doors. Once the masonry is completed, request installation by Athos' installation crew. The installation will take place in the next few days.

If you want to shorten your project, it is important to contact us before construction starts.